AI Trends For 2022 - Augmented Reality and Digital Twin Technology

Over the past few years, companies have piloted efforts to use augmented reality and digital twin technology to reduce development time and operating costs, speed up time to market, and enhance product or service development.  A digital twin is a virtual replication of a real-world object or process, like a jet or a factory manufacturing process.  Combined with augmented reality, companies have used these models to cut car and plane development time by years and to maximize production efficiencies by testing various changes virtually before implementing a final plan.  Use of this technology has been hampered by the lack of integrated tools for developing digital twin models, but tools are improving and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other groups are developing standards and frameworks to promote more uniform development and application.  In 2022 and the future, expect to see continued adoption of this technology for simulation and prediction models that include the overlay of data with virtual models of physical objects and processes.

This post is a part of a series on trends in the artificial intelligence space for 2022, authored by MoFo lawyers.