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December 20, 2022 - Artificial Intelligence

AI Trends for 2023 - AI Bots

Supreme Court Restricts the Extraterritorial Reach of U.S. Patent Law for Exported Goods

AI bots will continue to surprise and challenge us in the year ahead, as issues as divergent as the importance of algorithmic transparency in recruiting to student cheating (through use of AI bots to generate reports). Chatbots have been used for some time now in customer support applications and other business use cases. But as AI bots become “smarter,” the legal and ethical issues become more complex and interesting. Both the output of AI bots and the queries raise thorny issues. Take, for example, queries that generate results that can be used for purposes that are unethical or illegal. Or queries of AI bots that generate results that endanger individuals or groups. Determining who is responsible, from both a legal and an ethical perspective, remains an open question that is sure to generate significant debate in the year ahead.

This post is a part of a series on trends in the artificial intelligence space for 2023, authored by MoFo lawyers.