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May 20, 2019 - Artificial Intelligence, European Union

Big News for Small Mobility: Germany Opens up to E-Scooters

USDOT Issues New Policy on Development and Deployment of Automated Vehicle Technologies

Germany is about to pass a new law that will officially allow e-scooters on public roads. The new law, adopted today, will give people more choices for transportation and allow for modern, green and clean mobility in cities. To date, e-scooters have been forbidden on public roads in Germany, including sidewalks and bike lanes. This will change with the new law, potentially allowing for the influx of e-scooter rentals seen in other major markets.

Germany’s new law will allow “small electrical vehicles” (Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge – SEVs) on public roads. SEVs are light weight vehicles with electric motors, such as e-scooters. Until now, it has been forbidden to use such vehicles on public roads in Germany. Only certain self-balancing mobility aids, e.g., Segways, benefited from a general exemption under the Mobility Aid Regulation. Furthermore, the Federal State of Bavaria has already permitted e-scooters for use in certain cities.

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