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January 27, 2020 - Privacy + Data Security

Webinar - Ransom Proof: Hard Lessons and Best Practices for Responding to Ransomware Attacks and Cyber Extortion

Court Allows Microsoft to Challenge Secrecy of User Data Requests

From hospitals to media companies to manufacturing plants, ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent and caused far-reaching impacts. As more and more of our valuable data is only stored digitally, the impact to a business from their data being rendered inaccessible is greater than ever. In addition to data loss, such incidents can present significant business and legal risks, including damage to brand and reputation, disruption of business operations, and contractual and regulatory obligations. 

This Masterclass on ransomware and cyber extortion features Morrison & Foerster’s John P. Carlin and Alex Iftimie, who discuss the latest threats and emerging trends, and how businesses can prepare for and respond to such attacks. Topics addressed include: 

• The threat landscape for ransomware attacks and cyber extortion

• Potential actors, ranging from nation states to opportunistic criminals

• Best practices for policies and procedures to respond to extortion demands

• Considerations for whether to pay an extortion demand, and best practices should companies pay

• Key decisions companies must make in responding to a ransomware attack or extortion incident

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